Is AnyOption a reputable broker or a scam?

You have heard of AnyOption for sure. The company was one of the first binary option brokers and has a very huge marketing budget. Therefore, everybody who is familiar with binary options knows AnyOption as well. As a matter of fact the public awareness isn’t a real quality criterion and the broker can be a scam anyway. However, it’s very difficult to establish a global brand presence if you don’t operate your business in a reputable way and if you try to rip-off your customers.

AnyOption has developed their own trading platform and doesn’t use a White Label solution like the majority of their competitors. This strategy has disadvantages and advantages: The main disadvantages is that it’s much riskier to use your own software because you have to spend a lot of money on software development and improvements. On the other hand and that’s the main advantage, you can bring in your own ideas and you can stand out from the masses. This is something AnyOption does very well and is probably one of the main reasons this broker is that popular.

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Overall, we can assure you that AnyOption isn’t a scam. AnyOption is a reputable brokerage firm with an multi-million dollar marketing budget. AnyOption is very popular and it wouldn’t make any sense to risk the good reputation for a few dollars more in the short term. In the long term they would ruin their business model if they would really try to cheat and to rip-off their customers. You can’t go wrong if you choose AnyOption as your broker: reliable platform, good support, innovative products.

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